Fire Safety with live-fire, Extinguisher Training

Fire Safety with live-fire, Extinguisher TrainingDo you assume that your employees know how to operate a fire extinguisher or do you know, because they have been trained in fire safety? Do you know that in the event of an emergency they will use the correct extinguisher for the particular type of fire - or are you just hoping they will? Do your employees know the steps to take to help prevent fires in the first place?

Workplace fire hazards exist and need to be addressed. This fire safety course is designed for everyone who needs to know the basics of fire safety in the workplace.

Participants will gain knowledge of fire safety basics, including the causes of workplace fires, prevention practices and guidelines for evacuation.

The course provides guidance for the correct use of fire extinguishers for different classes of fires. Trainees will learn first hand the properties of fire and how to extinguish them before they get out of hand. They will be presented with a controlled fire and, with advice from the professional on site, will extinguish this. It also includes tips on first-aid procedures for common fire-related injuries.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: €350 for up to 12 trainees (at client's premises).

Public course €75 per person (discounts available where more than one person is booked).



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