Loading Shovel

Loading ShovelWhen you need to move rock, sand, gravel, coal, silage, sugar etc. in a hurry the loading shovel is often the best and quickest way to do it. However, the size of loading shovels, the quantities of their loads and the speed at which they are often used, are open invitations for accidents to happen. Visibility issues are a constant cause of accidents with loading shovels and is covered in our training course.

The course is designed to give operators an appreciation of the dangers they present to themselves and others, every time they get in the cab. Loading shovels like other items of plant are built to exacting safety standards but there will always be hazards that cannot be designed out and the competence of the operator is critical if the safety of persons in the vicinity of the loading shovel, is to be maintained.

Loading Shovel Training Duration: 1 Day

Loading Shovel Training Cost: Only Available Where Client Can Provide Equipment And Venue  - €475 for up to 4 trainees


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