Method Statements

Method StatementsA method statement is a plan of work usually prepared for activities that present an increased risk to people. Method statements detail how a particular task or activity should be carried out. They should detail the possible dangers/risks associated with the task/project, the control measures to be used and how the work will be managed safely. The method statement is used to specify the health and safety control measures needed to control the hazards as identified by the risk assessment that has been carried out for the task or operation. They are always site specific and are used to control the operation and to ensure that all concerned are aware of the hazards associated with the work and the safety precautions that need to be taken. Similar to the safety statement it should outline who the responsible persons are, the hazards to which people may be exposed and the control measures to be employed to minimise the risk. The method statement is to be brought to the attention of the workers involved in the activities and they should sign off on it to verify that they agree to apply the safe control measures.

Cost: Preparation of method statements costs around €100 (depending on the activity and excluding a site visit, should one be required)