Overhead and Gantry Crane

Overhead and Gantry CraneAn overhead crane has the ends of the supporting beam resting on wheels that run on rails positioned at high level, while gantry cranes have the wheels connected to the vertical uprights, which support the beam. Whatever type you use, there are dangers associated with overhead and gantry cranes that could have fatal consequences.

It is recommended that all persons who access areas where overhead cranes or gantry cranes operate, complete this course. It will highlight the dangers associated with the equipment and the control measures to be implemented to prevent accidents. It is particularly important that operators of overhead and gantry cranes complete the course, as the responsibly will fall on them and their managers, if something goes wrong.

Duration of Overhead and Gantry Crane Training: 3 hours Theory Followed by Practicals (Duration Depending on Trainees Experience)

Cost of Overhead and Gantry Crane Training: €550 for a group of up to 6 people (at client's premises)


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