Construction Specific - PSDPJust a quick summary with regard to the roles of the client and PSDP (Project Supervisor Design Process). The PSDP service is the coordination of the work of the designers to provide a project that is considerate of the safety of all of the people who will be associated with it, and its future use.


The client is required to appoint a PSDP for virtually all construction projects (there are some exceptions that don't often occur). This appointment should be made before the design process commences.

Where notification is required, the client must notify the HSA before the commencement of the design process, in the AF1 form.

The PSDP is responsible for ensuring that safety is coordinated from the beginning of the design of a project and that the work of the designers is coordinated to ensure safety. Designers would include permanent works, specialist works and temporary works.

The PSDP must prepare the safety and health plan on a preliminary basis (where one is required), which the client should provide to all persons tendering for the role of PSCS.

The PSDP will carry out inspections on site to satisfy him/herself that works are being carried out in a safe manner especially in relation to design aspects.

At the end of the job the PSDP will use the information gathered by the PSCS (As built drawings, operation manuals, fire certs etc.) to compile the Safety File.

Assist Safety Ltd can take on the role of PSDP or of PSDP Safety Coordinator (where we help our client carry out the role of PSDP without actually taking on the role ourselves).

Cost: Depends on nature of project