Safety Audits

Service LevelsOur safety audits are designed specifically for construction sites and are accountable, traceable and effective  tools for improving safety management on site.

The criteria we use as the basis of our safety audits are the legislative requirements for construction sites. While some clients ask for the criteria to be modified so that they are audited to a higher standard than the legislative requirements, we generally find that complying with the legislation is a fair and achievable standard for construction sites, and will ensure a safe place of work.

Each audit report is divided into sections relating to different activities/situations on site, and each of these sections is divided into four different scoring areas, identifying unsafe practices, up to good behaviours that should be encouraged and continued. When carrying out safety audits, we are as happy to acknowledge good behaviours as we are to identify areas that need improvement.

Our safety auditing system WILL improve safety on your site, and in a painless and cost effective way, while keeping you compliant with your legislative responsibilities.

We carry out safety audits on behalf of clients, architects (usually they would also be the PSDP), contractors and sub contractors.

If you are looking for a once-off safety audit on a site, ongoing safety audits on larger sites or are a contractor with several small projects we can arrange an auditing service that will suit your needs.