General Information

While there is a legal requirement on employers to provide information and training to their employees, there are better reasons to manage health and safety in the workplace. It makes economical sense to have employees trained to work safely and it shows employees that you care about their well-being. The best companies in the world have safety management systems in place and train their employees to maximise their potential. Our courses are designed to be as practicable as possible while providing trainees with the information they require to maintain their safety and well being in the workplace. We recognise that it is important to train employees in work practices that are both practical and safe.

Providing employees with safety training makes economic sense. Research has shown that absenteeism through illness and injury is one of the biggest overheads that companies suffer and that uninsured costs far outweigh insured costs.

Assist Safety will provide safety training programmes that are relevant to our clients' needs. If necessary we will develop new training programmes at our clients' requests and at no extra charge, as long as we feel that we could provide that safety training to other clients.