Vehicle Banksman

Vehicle BanksmanTraffic management (or lack of it) is one of the biggest causes of fatal accidents in the workplace and in recent years has been the focus of many Health and Safety Authority safety inspections. When vehicles (e.g. forklifts, trucks, loaders etc.) are moving in areas where people are present, there is a high risk of accidents. 

Reversing vehicles are of particular risk and the correct banking/guiding of these is the focus of this course. On this vehicle banksman course trainees will learn, how to converse with drivers so that they are 'all singing off the same hymn sheet' to minimise the chance of confusion, where to stand when banking a vehicle, what to look out for, the need to stop movements immediately if there are hazards in the area. While this may seem like common sense, accident statistics show that it is not as simple as it seems.


Duration of Vehicle Banksman Training: 2-3 hours

Cost of Vehicle Banksman Training: €60 per person (at client's premies and using their vehicles and driver)


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